Illustration and Logos
A gallery of logo designs and vector based illustration.
T Shirts and Apparel
T Shirts, Hats, Embroidery and Apparel
Graphic Design
Print and Graphic design projects.
Retail Hand Painted Wall Mural
Hand Painted Wall Mural at The Factory in Collingswood, New Jersey
Inspired by Skateboard deck stickers of the 1980's, this project mashes up sticker culture with elements of the Japanese style of Kawaii, graphic pioneers like Jim Phillips, Pushead, etc.
Web Work
Examples of past webwork. I have implemented, edited and configured websites in various CMS systems, such as Joomla, WordPress, Squarespace.
Instagram Doodles
Using found imagery, vector art and my own illustrations, I am experimenting with different ways to convey ideas and different marketing potentials through visual social media platforms like Instagram. Each post featured is a quick shot at conveying a common place meeting for an idea. The idea is to create clean, yet quickly produced imagery that uses humor and whimsy in a easily digestible format.
The Cosmic Sandbox
The Cosmic Sandbox is an online/offline-online collaborative comic staring "M". Online it consists of a frame tweeted one day at a time, "offline-online" it is a collaborative effort for anyone wanting to take a chance on branching the story into a different direction. By finding one of the posters with the pre-printed post it notes, you can draw your own frame and post it online through twitter or instagram. Pictured here is the online origin story of M. Follow on Twitter @CosmicSandbox
Sketches, Ideas, and Experiments
A collection of the half finished, various flights of fancy, and concepts that might yet be...
I love so many aspects of the craft brewing trend. I love the crazy names and fun labels. I think people talk about small craft brewers the way we talked about indie record labels of the late 80's early 90's.
Orphans and Miscelaneous
Artwork without a home. Things I like that are in a holding pattern.
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